At Primary Caring, in addition to receiving state-of-the-art, comprehensive family medical and preventive care, members enjoy the following additional benefits and services:

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Panel Limit

The doctor will limit the size of the practice to no more than 300 patients.

24/7 Availability

In addition to traditional office hours, members are given the doctor’s personal mobile phone number and email address in order to be able to communicate directly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Same Day/Next Day Appointments

Members are guaranteed same day or, when appropriate, next day appointments. This includes appointments for non-urgent care, regardless of medical necessity.

Extended Patient Appointments

Members are scheduled for appointments lasting no less than 30 minutes, and longer as required (e.g. for annual physical examinations, 90 minutes), regardless of medical necessity.

Home Visits

The doctor will make “housecalls” at the member’s request, and with the doctor’s agreement that such a home visit is reasonably necessary and appropriate, regardless of medical necessity.

Hospital Care Coordination

To the extent reasonably feasible, the doctor will coordinate all hospital care, emergency department, or outside urgent care services provided to the member, whether locally, nationally, or internationally.

Subspecialty Care Coordination

Consultations with recommended sub-specialists will be arranged for members. The doctor will coordinate the subspecialty care provided by communicating with sub-specialist colleagues before and after the member’s visit. The doctor will also be reasonably available to accompany members to subspecialty consultations upon request.

Personal Administrative Assistance

Our staff will address and coordinate the administrative aspects of the member’s health needs.

Physical Fitness Services

Members may request, and we will arrange an initial visit and consultation with a personal trainer designated by the doctor. Results of this consultation will be communicated to the doctor.

Nutrition Services

Members may request, and we will arrange, an annual personal nutrition consultation at the office of a certified nutritionist/registered dietician designated by the doctor. Results of the nutrition consultation will be communicated to the doctor.

Emergency Travel Medical Services

Upon request, we will arrange for appropriate medical transport for members who become ill or are injured during foreign travel. (Member will be responsible for transportation costs.)

Insurance Consultation and Support

We will coordinate insurance claims processing for professional services (e.g. office visits) and other services provided to the member by us that are reimbursable to the member. Our staff is available to answer members’ insurance questions and, upon request, help prepare necessary insurance paperwork.

Office Amenities

Members will have access to a comfortable, well-appointed and uncrowded reception area and private restroom. Beverages and light healthy snacks are always available.

Members’ Wait Time

The doctor and staff will use their best efforts to be available to the member at the time of a scheduled appointment, with no waiting time, unless the doctor is attending to a medical emergency.

Prescription Facilitation

For our members’ convenience, we will arrange for mail order or home delivery of initial prescriptions. Also, electronic prescribing eliminates the need for patients to take paper prescriptions to the pharmacies themselves

Medical Records

Our HIPAA-compliant electronic health records system will maintain an accurate medical record for each member that includes records of care provided by our doctor, our nurse, and other providers (including hospitals) whom the member authorizes to release such records. Members may also request a portable flash-drive containing a copy of his/her medical records so that the member them readily available in the case of an emergency.