About Us

At Primary Caring of Malibu we have returned to the old-fashioned style of family medicine to bring our patients the personal care and attention they deserve. It’s not a new idea. It’s just an older concept brought up-to-date, with modern methods and technology making it even better.
We’ve brought back the kind of medical care that’s truly compassionate and lets patients feel a real connection to their doctor. Back to the practice of medicine that’s not controlled by insurers and business managers and accountants. Do you remember when the doctor-patient relationship was sacred? We do. That’s the kind of care that will be in your future if you join us at Primary Caring of Malibu.

What you can expect at Primary Caring of Malibu

The first thing and most important thing you can expect is a healthcare partner. As your family physician I am dedicated to guiding you and your family to optimum health, and responding and caring for each and every one of you in times of need.
You will enjoy a warm, welcoming, uncrowded and uniquely beautiful environment. But don’t get too comfortable in the reception area! It is our intention to make your waiting time as short as possible or, better yet, not make you wait at all!
You will find a friendly, courteous, capable, attentive and professional staff dedicated to coordinating all your healthcare needs.
But most of all you’ll know that you are in the hands of people who really care about your total well-being. And that includes your physical fitness, emotional health, nutrition, other specialty care and prescription needs.
We are here to do our best to keep you well, and provide you with the best medical treatment available, whenever and wherever it’s required.

How can we provide such personal, individual care?

To begin with, I limit my practice to approximately three hundred patients. That allows my staff and I the time to give each and every member of our practice careful, comprehensive treatment. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a smile by someone who knows your name when you walk through the door, and then offers you something to drink or a little something to eat.
At Primary Caring of Malibu you won’t find yourself in a waiting room stacked with patients, or endlessly on hold when you call our office.
And you won’t find yourself waiting weeks for an appointment, because I can promise you unhurried same or next day appointments – even for not-so-urgent care.
I am pleased to make visits to your home or your office when requested or necessary and appropriate. And I am available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll have our office number, my pager number and mobile phone number. If you need me, you call, and I’ll be there. It’s that simple.
If we (you and I) determine it is necessary to refer you to another physician or sub-specialist, I will be glad to accompany you on that visit to make sure that all your questions are answered and all your needs are met. (It’s the next best thing to having a doctor in the family.) And even if I do not accompany you, I will “pave the way” by communicating with the doctor to whom you’ve been referred before your appointment, providing medical background and the reason for your visit.
If you should require hospital care, I will coordinate that care, whether it’s local, national or international. Or should an emergency arise and you require local hospital Emergency Department (ED) care, I will speak with that facility before you arrive (assuming I know you’re on your way) to let them know you’re coming in and why. In certain cases it may even be important for me to meet you there and advocate for you. Then I will follow up with the ED during your evaluation to make sure I’m aware of their findings and recommendation, and any important test results.
Our office will gladly coordinate insurance claims processing for the medical services we provide. Your Personal Administrative Liaison will also be available to help answer insurance questions or to assist you in preparing any necessary insurance paperwork. When you require prescription medicines or medical equipment, we can arrange for mail order or home delivery from the pharmacy or supplier. We are also developing a web-based prescription refill program, allowing you same day communication with your pharmacy, and them with us.

We care for you even when you’re away

Since many of our patients travel frequently, we provide all our patients with Total Travel Medical Services. This includes an office visit prior to traveling, vaccination advice and administration (for most vaccines), emergency prescriptions to take with you, assistance with identifying physicians located at your destination, and consultation with such physicians as necessary.
We can also provide you with a wallet-sized CD-ROM or keychain-style USB memory drive containing a copy of your medical records. So wherever you travel your complete medical history can travel with you. We’re in this for the long term

What makes a family medicine different from other medical specialties?

We care for our patients throughout the cycles of their lives. That’s why I make it my mission to also provide all our patients with the best preventive care available. I want to keep you well and healthy, not merely care for you when you are ill or injured. I want to provide you not just with immediate care, but long term good health. Think of me not just as your physician, but as your medical counselor, advisor or consultant. I want to be your wellness advocate, dedicated to providing, managing and coordinating every aspect of your healthcare.

We care about the community

The unfortunate reality of today’s health care economy is that many people, even some of our own neighbors, struggle just to be able to afford health insurance. The additional costs of providing the high level of service, access and attention that we do at Primary Caring, where we place the doctor-patient relationship above all other concerns, puts our practice out of the financial reach of some. Because physicians have a responsibility to be of service, and not just for those who can afford it, we donate a portion of our profits every year to help the medically underserved here in our local community and provide services directly to some of those in need at no charge, or significantly reduced fees.