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Britney’s first words about the baby. They’re right now on access Hollywood.
The name, the weight. Even the hair.
The police escort eight rooms for one delivery only on access. The whole hospital truth and how every precaution was taken to protect Britney’s baby.
Boy tips are coming in fast and furious.
Now. The frantic fight for the photo so it’s definitely a boy.|
Taking you behind the scenes of his fears in info search I don’t like people taking pictures of the baby.
What’s awaiting Brittany? These moms know all too well.
We had people outside just waiting. 24/7.
They would tailgate me and surround me. And you be the judge. As Russell Crowe saying he’s had it with America and married only four months.

It is a boy for Brittany. As we head Las Vegas and palms hotel and casino day number 14 of the Verizon wireless access across America tour. And Billy, we are almost home.

I know. Can’t wait, Nancy. Talk about perfect timing, though. We roll into Britney’s favorite Las Vegas hotel. She spent her first wedding night right up there. It’s the same day that she celebrates her first day of motherhood. Tony Potts is practically bedside at the hospital with every detail imaginable. Tony? Yes, Nancy and Billy, we reported at first yesterday. Sean Preston was born right here at Santa Monica UCLA medical center, weighing in at 6 pounds 11oz.

Congratulations, Brittany. You’re going to be a wonderful mom.

It’s a boy. Screams Britney’s official website where she says, quote, we are ecstatic to announce the birth of our son. Everyone is happy, healthy and doing wonderful. Thank you all for your love and well wishes. Wow. I still can’t get over it. He’s kind of like my peer with the same age. I couldn’t imagine having a baby right now. So congratulations and good luck.

Now, Britney and Kevin arrived early yesterday, 05:00 a.m. Here at the hospital under heavy police escort. About an hour and a half later, her mother and sister showed up. And how is $20,000 a night for a hospital bill? A source told us that in addition to the pop stars fifth floor, $3,000 a night room that has a tented balcony, her family and security team take up an additional seven rooms on her floor. Our source also tells us that the healthy baby boy was born at 1257 and that Britney’s c section scar is very small and very low. She also has a private chef in a kitchen adjacent to her suite who will make whatever she wants.

And here’s the rest of the baby breakdown.  Sean has dark, curly hair and has a perfectly shaped head. Excellent. And yes, ladies, mama Brittany is breastfeeding. And according to our source, Dr. David Baron will be the child’s primary pediatrician. And while paparazzi hover around hospital grounds and the media questions large men they think could be Spears bodyguards, all this baby hoopla sure comes at an optimum time.

Once upon a time, there was a goddess. The business of Britney rolls on. Her new perfume fantasy hit stores today and on her website just after the birth announcement page, visitors are taken directly. To her perfume link and they look happily ever after.

She does have an extra mouth to feed. Just fantastic news for the entire family. Now coming up later, the mad dash by these guys behind me to get the very first pictures of Britney’s little boy. How much will it go for? The amazing story coming up a little later.

Billy, welcome. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick actually invited the paparazzi to meet their son James Wilkie when he was born in 2002. An ingenious way to head off having to dodge photographers everywhere you go. Something that Brittany, Kevin and their new baby are already doing after one day. And we were there as the Britney photo frenzy officially began. It’s definitely a boy. No way. It was all fairly uncomplicated. Hello, news. Definitely a boy. Definitely boy.

Time approximately 01:30 p.m. Pacific place splash News and Photo Agency, Venice, California. Britney baby. News confirmed. Coming right now. Huddle for the presses. It looks like we just got a call from one of the sources of the hospital saying that the baby’s definitely been born and that it’s a boy.

Welcome news for Gary Morgan, co owner of Splash, one of the top celebrity photo agencies worldwide, and nerve central for breaking news about Britney’s baby. We arrived yesterday at approximately 01:00 p.m. To find the office in a flurry of activity. Have you heard, Baby Boy? Ms. Thomas. We have been talking to a nurse there who says that she’s in the process of the tips are coming in fast and furiously from staff in the hospital, from patients, from people walking by. US weekly’s website, they just posted it.

At yesterday, US Weekly announced the birth, but the national Enquirer had a posting at 09:00 A.m. That she was in the hospital. Here we are going to Britney’s website. Let’s see if she’s made it a statement already. Nothing on the website. Confirmation finally came by phone and everything was recorded. In shorthand, now starts plan B, which is how does everyone get a picture of the baby? And with good reason. These magazines will pay big bucks if. You get the first picture of Britney and her baby, you’re talking literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Photographers will be staked out, and if Britney wants to escape their lenses, you’ll have to take extreme measures. Underground car park security with tarpaulins up between the exit of the hospital to round the car, blacked out windows. Police escort. And then she’ll go into seclusion. She’ll wait till the middle of the night and she’ll be spirited off. Maybe two or three different cars will come out of a house and go to two or three different airports, two or three different airplanes waiting. And once she’s in the air. She’s, she’s away free until she lands, when someone else will probably know where she is. And that’s when the whole thing starts over again. Unfortunately, the fact is, now that everyone is on the hunt for that photo, things could get out of hand, which Is a very real fear for stars with children. Just Hollywood, Brittany and the baby weight. How she’ll get over the bump and back in shake? She’d do with one hand, and she could be rocking the carriage with the other hand. The man who worked maternity miracles on Plume delivers the dream postpartum training regimen. It speaks for a tough TV’s.

What? And it’s just not acceptable just to get a picture. But what is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, paparazzi wise? When there are more than ten days somewhere, and for example, I was at the grocery store not too long ago and the police had to come so I could get back in my car and leave. And it’s certainly out of control. And for some, the threat of being shot completely changes their way of living. We try and stay hidden as much as possible. So you do like, you know, certain things with security and stuff like that so that, you know, people can’t come in. I basically spent all of my time either on the set of Will and Grace or at home. We had people outside just waiting twenty four, seven to take pictures. In New York, the paparazzi has been relentless with Gwenyth Paltrow tagging along while she was trying to take a quiet walk with daughter Apple.

What is it like? I mean, you have a baby that you’re terrified you’re bringing into this world. I don’t like people taking pictures of the baby, and I don’t like them in magazines. And I just think that I want her to be a normal little girl, and I don’t want her to be like a celebrity because she’s our daughter. She’s only 16 months old. Because I was talking to Gwenyth yesterday because she’s having problems now with her baby. She said she had called the truth with them.

Do you even know how to call the truth with them? They don’t hold truth. She’s experienced. I think there was a time where she said, okay, one picture, if you guys want the picture, and then you leave me alone. And Wynne’s friend, Cameron Diaz, may not be a mom, but she’s had her own battles with photographers and told Maria she doesn’t blame the overaggressive photographer tactics as much as she does. The people who buy the magazine, we. Can bitch and moan all we want, but really it’s about people buying it and wanting it. And I think people I hope, I.Really, I would like to give our. Society a little bit more credit and know that what they’re reading, hopefully that they know it’s not true, that’s what they’re buying is a lie.

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