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Discussion about Anna Nicole’s daughter, Danny Lynn and proper birth weights for children at the 6 months

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Tonight was the first to ask whether Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Danny Lynn was in danger. And tonight, there are startling new developments that are making us all wonder what’s really going on. Darlene Gibson, the woman, helping to care for the baby, revealed to that the six-month-old girl weighs between ten and 12 pounds. Gibson also says that Anna Nicole’s baby sleeps between 14 and 16 hours each day. She also says that Danny Lynn is still on baby formula. Joining us tonight from Hollywood, Dr. David Baron. He is a family physician with primary caring of Malibu, the chief of staff at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. Also, tonight with us from Court TV Studios in New York City, host of Court TV’s Hollywood Heat, Ashley Banfield. Good to have you both with us.

Thank you, Dr. Baron. Danny Lynn weighed in at 6 pounds. 9oz when she was born. That was six months ago. Now we’re hearing she’s weighing between ten and 12 pounds. It seems a little low to me. Should we be concerned?

It’s very low. A baby that’s six months old is more likely to weigh somewhere between 16 and 19 pounds. 12 pounds would put her at less than 1% of kids that should be at that weight at six months. And if she’s really 10 pounds, then she’s severely underweight.

Okay, so we should be concerned about that. And the other thing that was really, really startling. Another detail that has come out is that baby Danny Lynn is sleeping somewhere between 14 and 16 hours every day. That seems to me to be very abnormal.

Is it also pretty excessive and actually dovetails with the idea of whether the baby is underweight because if a baby is sleeping that much and not getting up to eat, then she may not be getting enough calories in to grow.

So we’re hearing all these new details, Ashley, about the weight and about the sleep. Are these the kinds of things that could be or really should be triggering some kind of an investigation into what’s happening with her?

Well, we know this, that there is a Bahamian Guardian that’s been appointed by the courts there. The attorney for the developer who owns that home who’s fighting to get that home back has said to Court TV that Guardian has paid a visit to that home and seen that baby at least one time about a week ago. Let’s also not forget that last week’s hearings were closed-door, which means we don’t know what else has been ordered. We don’t know if additional visits have been ordered that could be coming down the pike any minute.

They actually could have happened as well. But they do have something called the welfare test in the Bahamas, and it’s the same as the child’s best interests here. So they do find that necessary in the Bahamas. It’s just a matter of when it’s all very secret there.

Yeah. So at least we can sense that if everything is running as it should be, somebody is looking after this child and making sure everything’s okay. Of course. Dr. Baron, lots of speculation has been rampant about Anna Nicole’s drug use while she was pregnant with Danny Lynn. Could the fact that she weighs so little and sleeps so much indicate any baby affected by a mother using drugs while pregnant?

Well, absolutely. A baby sleeping too much and not gaining weight may have a syndrome that we refer to as failure to thrive. The baby is just not succeeding at growing, and meeting what we call developmental milestones certainly raises the issue of whether or not this baby is healthy. And the thing I’d really like to know is whether or not this baby has had routine medical care during the first six months of life, the way most children in the United States have. And the way the various pediatric associations and family practice associations recommend that children should have so.

Ashley, keep in mind that things are going on that we don’t know about. But if you were Larry Burkhead, who was fighting Howard K. Stern over custody of this child, it would seem to me all of this is important new information to have it and fuel for your case. I think great and awful because it’s the last thing you want to hear if you’re really the Daddy. But if you really want to be the Daddy, I guess it’s the first thing you want to hear. Sort of a love-hate story.

Yeah. Larry Burkhead was very clear during those wild hearings about the fact that he was very concerned over Anna Cole and trying to advise her in terms of what she may or may not have been taking doctor, even if I suspected Anna Cole was using drugs when pregnant, Danny Lynn could turn out just fine, right? I mean, obviously, we should be concerned, but there is the possibility that she would be just fine.

In any event, we should absolutely be concerned. And much as I hate to say it, there are many babies born to parents that have used drugs and even excessive alcohol during pregnancy that do turn out okay. But if I were this baby’s father, I’d want to make sure. And the baby really is 12 pounds or 10 pounds. I’d want that baby into the doctor’s office right away and then seen on a weekly basis to prove that the baby is gaining weight. And by the way, drinking formula at age six months isn’t necessarily abnormal.

Many babies still drink formula at age six months, but it may not be the only thing they eat. Right. And that was just another one of the revelations that came out to people dot com from the woman taking care of the baby. Danny Lynn, I appreciate you both giving us your insight on this tonight. Dr. David Baron.

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