Body Fantastic: Measuring Two Muscle Types

Brief transcript of the TV Show; Body Fantastic: Measuring Two Muscle Types.
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Both men will take a force plate test. It’s a non invasive way of measuring the ratio of the two muscle types. They will each jump as high and as often as they can for 1 minute. The test will be administered by applied sports scientists Tome Along and Sean Waxman.
This rating and again.
After a minute of jumping, Dr Barron is exhausted, but he remains standing right. Very, very much here.
If, on the other hand, collapses to the ground after his test, his legs are cramping, and it takes half a minute before he can even pull himself up. Their test results confirmed the expectations. The red and green lines on Dr Barron’s chart shows that his time in the air and time on the ground are constant, indicating longterm stamina. Nips shows that his time in the air was higher than his time on the ground for the first 30 seconds. Then, as his fast Twitch muscles fatigued, the lines crossed and he spent more time on the ground.
Look at it. That’s perfect. That’s what it’s supposed to look like. This is what a fast Twitch athlete should look like for yours. Yours is really indicative. Slow Twitch. That’s perfect. But if you’re looking for type two B fibers, looking for fast Twitch, this is exactly what it’s supposed to look like
If I test it an athlete and I had that profile, I would not lead him towards marathon. But in terms of our world’s strongest man, we have no doubt that we’re going to find this kind of a profile on a guy like that. He’s going to be fast switch all the way.

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