Body Fantastic: Lung Capacity Testing

By David Baron
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Dr. Baron is 44, three years younger than Add in the good physical condition, and exercises five days a week. Both men are put into a plethysmograph, a booth designed to test the capacity and efficiency of the lungs. The first test measures diffusion how efficiently oxygen passes from the air sacs into the bloodstream. Ready gulp with just normal, relaxed breathing, telling you that exhale.
They take short breaths and exhale to measure how much oxygen is absorbed. Keep pushing. Four more seconds. Three, two, one. Stop.
Take it out of your mouth and and Dr Baron scores are identical, showing average lung diffusion, so that doesn’t explain Ed’s remarkable ability. Next, the Lung Volume Test. This will measure genetic lung capacity and determine whether it’s training physiology that sets at Easters apart from his colleagues. And take a huge breath, really pull it in deep. And this is one long, deep breath and a complete exhale the mouth.
The average adult lung capacity is seven liters. Dr Baron’s lung capacity comes in at seven point 914 percent above average.

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