Body Fantastic: Effects Of Swimming In 32 Degree Water

Brief Transcription of TV Show – Body Fantastic
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To get an idea of what swimming in 32 degree water would feel like. We asked Dr. David Barron, chief of staff at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, to test his reaction to freezing cold water. He’s doing it with the help of Dr. Wally Garai, head of emergency medicine. Dr. Barron will put his arm, which can withstand cold water much easier than the torso, into 32 degree water and try to hold it there for three to five minutes. Oh, boy.
Well, it immediately feels like something got painted onto my arm, and it’s definitely a cold feeling. It’s not a hot Burnie feeling. It’s a cold. There’s a little bit of an ache starting now. And is it in the muscle group? The ace is more on my forearm and my wrist than in my forearm. My finger and hand is starting to get a pins and needles feeling. I’m fighting hard to take my arm out here. I really want to take it out. Oh, wait. A little warm feeling coming around now.
Kind of. Kind of little thick on my stomach, too. So I got to Yarmouth. Oh, now it’s really pins and needles and aching and doesn’t want to move very much.
Oh, Ouch.
Look at the fingers.
Fingers are very white.
The cold has caused the capillaries and Dr. Parent’s arm to constrict, turning his skin unnaturally white.
Okay, I gotta lie down for a second then. Now it’s getting red, isn’t it? Yeah.
Just basically vet and that rewarming. Now the body itself doing that. You can see the marks.
As Dr. Barron’s arm begins to warm up, the blood rushes back into the capillaries, turning his skin unnaturally red.
My fingers were starting to feel like they were stiffening and shriveling and not responding to my brain’s idea about moving them.
That’s after immersing less than 4% of his total skin volume for less than a minute.

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